Goodbye Cloud Sites, Hello Digital Ocean!

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I was a big fan of Cloud Sites when Rackspace owned the platform.  I have been subscribed to that service for more than 7 years.  It was a pretty great platform, especially for hosting multiple clients. I could get new sites up and running quickly and it was a flat rate every month and I don’t think they ever raised the price.  Everything was great until about a year ago when Rackspace decided to sell the platform to Liquid Web. I had hopes that maybe Liquid Web would give the platform some more attention because it had clearly been on the back burner at Rackspace. They did make some changes and I don’t think any of them were good.  Liquid Web got rid of the Cloud Sites portal and built their own, much worse portal.  Because Rackspace no longer owned the servers I could no longer manage DNS through the portal.  Clients that had their own logins to do things were frustrated with the move as well.

This week just finished moving everything over to a couple of lower end droplets at digital ocean.  Their is more overhead with digital ocean, but I went from 170 per month to 15 per month and I have full control over the servers.  DNS management is great with Digital Ocean as well.  They even have a button to add MX records for Gmail, something I have always wondered didn’t exist for every domain management service.

I miss what cloud sites used to be, but I certainly don’t miss what it has become.

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